For years, the business industry has been dominated by masculine energy and we have been led to believe that this energy is the only valuable one on the pathway to success. With its force, pressure, push, competition and greed mentality, the word ‘business’ has many women running in the other direction.

But what if we flipped the script? What if we were to harness feminine energy as a conduit to success in business … especially for women? Women are engineered to create after all. We are designed to foster meaningful growth, through sensing, feeling, intuiting, listening, prioritizing, innovating, and adapting. We naturally take a calculated WE vs. ME approach to what we create.

Through working with hundreds of women to reclaim their life’s mission and revolutionize their businesses, I’m well acquainted with the abilities of the female mind and body and the powerful impact that can have in business when harnessed. Female intelligence is the activation of a natural system that we all have as women. The system taps into all aspects of intelligence: heart intelligence, gut intelligence, and emotional intelligence. These quotients culminate in ‘intuitive intelligence’, of which women exhibit copious levels. Each of these personality quotients are ones in which women use on the daily to guide them through life’s journeys. Historically, business involved the evaluation of one’s general IQ (intelligence quotient), then slowly moved to appreciating a strong EQ, too. But watch out world, women are bringing a whole lot more Q’s to the business scene.

Forbes magazine published an article finding that women “outperform men in nearly all emotional intelligence measures” (Lipman, 2016). While this is an interesting fact, it’s not breaking news. Women have long been known as identifiers of feelings amongst their peers. This is women’s natural ability to detect emotion and sense the reactions of those around them; emotional empathy. Feeling what someone else feels is what makes women perfect candidates for business leadership roles. For example, they are able to identify with the feelings of their clients, developing strong customer relationships and loyalty, and they are able to read the emotions of their employees, making them effective and proactive leaders. Emotional intelligence is a newly-sought out trait in the business world, as it allows for apt communication skills and powerful interpersonal strengths, giving women the upper hand.

Through emotional intelligence we create a gateway to understanding intuition and utilizing both the intelligence of the heart and the gut; two areas of the body that science research is now pointing to as more intelligent than the brain.

So, what does this all mean in the context of female entrepreneurship? When women begin to activate their female intelligence, the consequent creation is one that is inherently aligned with how they operate and more-so with what the world truly needs. It follows their heart’s intentions, bringing strength to their idea in forms of passion and purpose. It follows their gut instinct, meaning their brain and body have verified its potential. It follows their empathic manner, including an inventory of external opinions and emotions into the final outcome. Women aren’t just here to sell you another thing, women are here to provide you with products, services, teachings, and support that is truly meaningful. As a result, the impact of their business is much greater, for you, and for them.

Gone are the days of fitting women into a hypermasculine business mold. It’s time to tap into the innate business potential of women when they are encouraged to explore their female strengths, instead of suppressing them and conjuring up male-approved behaviour characteristics in place.

Masculine energy has long ruled the business world but what if it didn’t have to? Women do not need to be more like men to excel in business. Women need to be more like themselves, and the business world will be better for it.