Love is the most important part of success in business for women.

Her success is a direct production of how hard she is willing to love herself and believe in who she is. There is no greater feeling than to be connected to the wisdom of your heart while in business.  We all want to do what we love. We all can, if we are courageous enough to listen to our heart’s intelligence.

What is Heart Intelligence?

The heart aligns you to what you desire, connecting you to your authentic self, passion and purpose. The more you listen to your heart as a valued source of intelligence, the more aware of your ultimate vision you will become. Everything in nature serves a purpose and we are no different. If you want to know why you are here and what will be most fulfilling to you, listen to your heart, not your head.

Why Should You Be Using Heart Intelligence in Business?

Passion is proven fuel in business. The more you cultivate a connection to your heart, the more you cultivate passion.  The more you consult your heart in business and listen to its prompts, the more you will create a business that honours your authentic self. Therefore, the happier you will be in business, leading to longevity and success. 

According to Harvard Business Review, leading with your heart instead of your head allows you to “feel connected” to your business which is “intrinsically rewarding to the brain”. Similarly, in a Fast Company article titled “Why You Need to Lead With Your Heart” explained that businesses that have heart-led leadership are the ones that will thrive the most. The reasoning is that they “accept that both feelings and emotions play an enormous role in driving employee (human) behaviour.” When your heart is in your business, you are more dedicated to it, and you will consequently ensure its success. 

Why is Heart Intelligence Heightened in Women?

Heart intelligence is innate to both men and women. However, due to social conditioning that has given women an increased allowance for acknowledging our emotions, women are more practiced at connecting to the heart. It is due to this sub-conscious connection that women are often accessing this intelligence to a greater degree in their everyday lives. 

How Do You Activate Your Heart Intelligence?

Heart intelligence is a natural functionality of the human body, but it is important to practice using it to get comfortable making heart-led choices. The following is an exercise in activating your heart intelligence. 

Activating Your Heart Intelligence

  1. Think of a question you want to ask your heart
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Take a few long, slow deep breaths
  4. Relax your body 
  5. Bring your awareness to your heart by placing two fingers pointing to the centre of your chest
  6. Then take a moment to think of things that bring you joy and happiness to begin to activate a coherent heart state
  7. At this time, you are deeply aware of your heart and you are connected to its wisdom.  Take a deep breath bringing your awareness to where your fingers touch your chest.
  8. As you do, mentally ask a question you would like an answer to at this time, and then practice listening to your heart vs. your head. 
  9. Simply allow yourself to experience whatever is coming up with no judgment and notice how you feel and what you might be intuiting.
  10. Note any thoughts, feelings, hunches, inspirations that seemed to result.


Caroline Watters 


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