Maybe you’re starting your own business with a lack of prior business knowledge, or you’ve simply been out of the business ‘game’ for a while.

It’s important to understand that you can experience just as much success as a business school grad or top CEO. As the business world shifts toward a balanced approach of valuing both the left and right brain, appreciating a healthy work-life balance, and innovation in all types of careers, now is the time to show yourself how life itself has prepared you for entrepreneurship.

Here are three ways that life itself makes you qualified for, and successful at, entrepreneurship.

You’ve got passion.

The most important reason for people going into entrepreneurship is that they’re passionate about something, and have realized an innovation to suit a certain need in that area. Do you have various interests and passions? Everyone should answer yes! Passion can come from any aspect of your life. Enjoy gardening in your spare time? Perhaps you can come up with a time-saving gardening tool. Do you love learning new things? How about starting a blog to help others do the same! Are you a great listener when your peers need to vent? Why don’t you look into creating a mental health initiative?! The possibilities are endless – and having no formal business experience doesn’t make your passions or interests ANY less valid!

Every job requires soft skills.

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in business. In fact, Forbes Magazine published research indicating that in a study of 2600 hiring managers, 71% of those surveyed valued a high emotional intelligence over a high intelligence quotient. Soft skills are things like interpersonal skills, listening skills, time management, empathy, among a wealth of others. Can you manage your time well? Perhaps you’ve got kids at home, a working spouse, and everything under the sun needs to be done in the house. Managing to ‘do it all’ and feed your kids on time certainly qualifies as a good manager of time. Maybe you are very empathic. Have your peers ever identified you as someone they like to confide in? Empathy goes a long way in business. It is a huge part of communicating with others, and knowing how to make the right decisions at the right time based on those involved.

Leadership roles don’t have to be limited to ‘work’ roles.

Just because you may lack ‘formal’ work leadership positions does not mean that you do not know how to lead. Entrepreneurial qualities can be cultivated through tons of experiences that involve coordinating and communicating. Have you ever volunteered at a school or neighbourhood association? Perhaps you’ve started a book club, or you’re the chief decision maker in your house? All types of your life experiences have given you the knowledge of what it means to commit to something, manage others, mitigate failure, or any other factor of leading. That is enough qualification to be in business!


Amelia Ceolin