Our minds can be the cause of our greatest source of suffering when fraught with potholes of sheer criticism and negativity.

However, a mind that has been lovingly tended to and independently worked upon is one powerful mind. It has the ability to cultivate a new vision and story for itself based on positivity and possibility. 

What is Mental Intelligence?

Mental intelligence refers to the combined use of the left and right brain. After a strong bias for the left brain function for many years, our society is slowly moving toward an appreciation for the right brain and it’s abilities. While practicality and logic are still valid determiners, creativity and intuition are slowly but surely getting the recognition they deserve. 

The idea that one half of the brain is superior to the other is quite silly if you consider the facts. Every human with a properly functioning brain has an equally active left and right brain. In a study completed at the University of Utah, brain scans of over 1000 people were compared in order to test for left or right brain dominance. However, no evidence of one side’s activity being heightened, or “sidedness”, was found.  

If both sides are constantly working all the time, and one is never superior to the other, why not tap into both sides of the brain to make the best, most informed decisions? Why limit your brain to doing only half of its function, meaning only half of its thinking?

Why is Mental Intelligence Heightened in Women? 

The right brain possesses traits more often ascribed to women, as society historically has allowed women to be more in touch with their inner selves while (unfortunately) shaming men for doing the same. Using the right brain as a valid tool comes naturally to women. The flow and freedom of femininity is a direct representation of the right brain functions at play. 

Now that women are giving themselves the societal ‘okay’ to operate in this fashion, such as using intuition as a justifiable criteria or suggesting innovation through the use of imagination, the norms are about to change. The ‘female’ way of thinking will become the way to think. It simply is what is most natural to us as humans. We have been created to make use of plain logic with the imaginative. Why limit ourselves to believing only one of those things is valid? 

Why Should You Be Using Mental Intelligence in Your Business?

From a positive mindset that creates positive experiences, to a logistics machine and an unbelievable tool of imagination, activating your mental intelligence is key in achieving all of the things that are possible on your entrepreneurial journey.

Forbes magazine has published findings on the combined use of the left and right brain in business, and how doing so can allow you to become a better entrepreneur. The mental agility in being able to tap into both sides of your brain for each work task you complete is a very valuable tool.

I use meditation and visualization daily to focus my intention and get clear on what I want and what the right next steps are to take in my business.  Through the processes of visualization and others like imagination, you are able to give the mind an experience that your intuition and body’s intelligence can react to and further inform upon.  These additional sources of intelligence are helpful in making decisions that feel right and ultimately more times that not, are exactly that, right.

I believe women actually save time working this way.  By feeling, sensing and intuiting in our business, we are effectively working with more intelligence to make better, smarter and more accurate decisions.  

How Do You Activate Your Mental Intelligence?

Every mind has the ability to motivate or debilitate. However, with practice, you can help to ensure that your brain is most often in its most positive state. Being in a happy, healthy, state of mind will help in every step of building your business. 

Activating Your Mental Intelligence

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take a few long, slow deep breaths
  3. Relax your body 
  4. Begin to visualize something you desire for your life
  5. Allow yourself to expand upon the visualization
  6. See, feel and imagine the event taking place right now
  7. Take a deep breath in, exhale
  8. And so it is!


Caroline Watters



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